What is Chopfine?

Chopfine is a food service App specialized in seamlessly linking customers with choice sources of their favorite meals. Our mission is to make every food hunt a pleasant experience. We expedite meal orders right from menu selection up-till delivery to your doorstep, or self-pickup, whichever is preferred.

How does Chopfine work?

As soon as a customer successfully places an order, the App alerts both restaurant and delivery team at the same time. The App’s advanced features enables the delivery man to arrive just in time to pick up and deliver. Customers can equally decide to pick up their order.

Chopfine is very intuitive, convenient to use and works in 3 simplified steps:

1. Customer selects dish from a chosen restaurant’s menu and makes payment.

2. Restaurant receives order and processes it.

3. Order is picked up and delivered to customer’s doorstep within 15 - 45 mins of order

Are there any fees associated with the delivery service, such as a delivery charge or minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount. However, if you opt for delivery, a distance-based delivery fee is payable to complete the order. Delivery fee is not charged if a customer opts for self-pick-up.

How is Chopfine unique as a food delivery platform?

At Chopfine, we strongly believe that food hunt need not be tedious, and so, we simply simplify it. Our service is built on best local solutions and our technology is extra-responsive issues in the food services space. We do the difficult part and just let the customer eat.

Can I Pay On Delivery?

In the meantime, as a default, payment is required to complete every order. We shall progressively implement “Payment on Delivery” in our different operational zones as necessary safeguards are established.

What types of cuisine or food options are available for delivery?

We deliver all dishes on Chopfine! as made available by our Partner Restaurants.

How long does the delivery process typically take?

Every chef will tell you that every dish requires a different amount of time to prepare. However, we work with our Partners to keep each order within 45 minutes -from confirmation to receipt.

Is there a way to track the delivery status or estimated time of arrival?

We work with our partner restaurants and delivery personnel to keep an average of 45 minutes and less from order confirmation to delivery. The phone number of the restaurant and your deliveryman will be displayed, and they can be reached if you choose to follow up. However, the deliveryman has a duty to keep customer updated from confirmation to delivery.

Are there any restrictions on delivery, such as certain areas or times that are not serviced?

Our services are activated on neighbourhood basis, and so, deliveries are available for every activated area, Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm. Any order not likely to be completed by 6pm may not be confirmed.

Does the service deliver to residential or commercial addresses?

We deliver both in residential and commercial addresses.

What payment methods are accepted for placing orders?

All payments are made at checkout and every online payment method is available for easy payment.

Does the service offer any promotions or discounts for first-time customers or frequent users?

We offer ongoing incentives to both our existing and new customers. Among other bonuses, with every download of the Chopfine App, we credit each first-time customer with a mouth-watering welcome bonus. The bonus is usable at purchase of set amount of food from any Partner Restaurant. This bonus amount sits in customer’s wallet and may expire or be degraded if unused after the stipulated duration.

How does the service ensure the food is kept at proper temperatures during delivery?

We deploy temperature insulated box-bags and our services are neighbourhood oriented with an estimated 45 minutes and less from order to delivery. This helps to ensure that properly packaged food remains fresh at delivery.

Is there a customer service line or support system in case of any issues with the delivery?

Our system is built such that once an order is confirmed there is a 360 communication among the Partner Restaurant, Deliveryman and Customer, with our Control Center monitoring everything. At the end of the transaction, the customer holds the ace to score the entire service team between “1” to “5” Stars. This is our feedback mechanism through which we keep refining our processes to serve you better and better each time.

Does the service offer any customization options or special requests for certain dietary needs?

For now, orders can only be processed for dishes as offered by restaurant on our platform.

Are there any reviews or ratings available from previous customers to gauge the quality of the service?

We love to hear from our customers how well we served them and so, we encourage everyone to rate everyone in our service chain at the end of every transaction. This is a feedback mechanisms that enables us to continuously refine our processes. Each transaction is an opportunity to improve and we do not take any feedback for granted. Our ratings are from “1” to “5” Stars, with "1" being worst possible and "5" excellent service.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

You can contact us Monday-Saturday on any of the channels listed in our “Contact Us” to speak with a customer services representative.


Can Chopfine help grow my business?

Chopfine helps businesses retain existing customers, reach new ones, and ultimately grow sales. We help businesses grow their takeout sales and increase brand awareness online.

To list on Chopfine is to hop unto an exploding market of our diners who now want their orders delivered or

picked up with minimal delay. Because we truly value our partners and take their growth seriously, we offer all the great supports restaurants need to grow. 

Can my restaurant partner with Chopfine if we are already on a different delivery platform?

Yes! We encourage restaurants to try out platforms alongside ours, so they can confirm that we bring more patronage and best service experience.